Saving, Exiting, and Returning to Edit

You likely will want to leave the lesson and return to continue your edits at a later time or date.

Saving Your Lesson

  • CALI Author Web automatically saves your lesson every 10 minutes.
  • You can also manually save your lesson at any point by going to the File menu in the upper left corner and choosing Save from the list of options.
  • Once a lesson saves it will appear in your Lesson Library.

Exiting Your Lesson

  • To exit the lesson, go to the File menu. There, you will have the options to Save, Save & Exit to Lessons Home, or Exit without saving to Lessons Home.

Returning to Your Lesson to Continue Editing

  • From your Lesson Library, find the lesson you want to edit and choose the icon to Edit lesson that looks like a pencil.

Tip: If you publish your lesson and then make additional edits, you will need to re-publish for the changes to take effect on the published version. From your Lesson Library, choose the arrow icon to Update my published lesson on For more information, see the chapter on Publishing Your Lesson.


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