Assigning Lessons Using LessonLink

LessonLink is a feature of the CALI website that allows faculty members to assign CALI Lessons to their students. LessonLink creates a unique URL that teachers provide to students. When students work on one of these CALI Lessons via a LessonLink, faculty can view student grades and access detailed lesson analytics. Lessons are organized under “courses” so that assignments can be tailored to one class.

Faculty are encouraged to create a LessonLink to assign CALI Lessons. Doing so will allow you to collect and view the analytics for one particular class as opposed to combining them all into one data set. To add your new or revised lesson to an existing course, or to create a new course and add your new lesson, follow these steps.

Create the LessonLink(s)

  • At, from your CALI Dashboard choose LessonLink.
  • Choose the Create LessonLinks tab at the top (if starting a new course).
    • If adding to an existing course, choose the option to Edit/Add LessonLinks to this course underneath the appropriate course.
  • If creating a new course, fill in the “Course Name” and “Semester” fields.
    • If it’s for an existing course, these will already be filled in.
  • In the Select a topic drop-down menu, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Your CALI Library Resources. All of your self-published lessons and quizzes will then appear. Select the lesson(s) you want to add and select Submit.

Share the Lesson(s) With Students

  • On your LessonLink homepage, find the course and select View LessonLinks. This will take you to the LessonLink Administration page for that course. There, you will find the LessonLink URLs for any lesson(s) created for that course. Copy and paste the URL(s) and share them with students.
  • Alternatively, and particularly where you have multiple LessonLinks assigned for one course, you can also send the students to a landing page with all the LessonLink URLs for the course. On the LessonLinks Administration page, see the language “To share these LessonLinks with your students give them the link to this page [your link here] or copy and paste the individual links from the table below.” 

Other LessonLink Features

From the LessonLink homepage or a LessonLink Administration page for a course, you also have the options to:

  • Edit/Add LessonLinks to an existing course.
  • Clone LessonLinks which allows you to use the same set of lessons in one course for another course, which is helpful if you’d like to assign the same lessons across different sections or semesters.


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