CALI Author has moved to the web!

CALI Author is CALI’s lesson authoring software, available to faculty at CALI member law schools. CALI Lessons are online, interactive tutorials that cover narrow topics of law. With CALI Author you can modify any of the 1,000+ lessons in the CALI library, or write your own brand-new CALI Lesson!

If you have used a previous version of CALI Author to write or revise lessons before, you will notice some changes. This guide will help experienced and new authors alike navigate the latest software. What’s new:

  • Now available on the CALI website—no software downloads required and now Windows AND Mac compatible.
  • More intuitive and streamlined authoring and publishing process.
  • Allows for easier collaboration with other authors.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Use CALI Author to write and revise CALI Lessons; and
  • Use LessonLink to assign the CALI Lessons to your students, access student grades, and view detailed lesson analytics.


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