Publishing Your Lesson

Lessons you create or revise can be published to the CALI website and made available for your students. These lessons do not become part of the publicly-available library of CALI lessons and are only available to whom you provide the URL.

  • Once you have completed your lesson, publish your lesson from your Lesson Library.
    • From your open lesson, go to File in the upper left corner and choose Save & Exit to Lessons Home. From there, enter your Lesson Library.
    • If you’re coming from outside the lesson, at select CALI Author from your CALI Dashboard, then select Lesson Library. Your lessons will appear on the default My Lessons tab.
  • Find your lesson in the list and select the arrow icon for Publish my lesson on (Hovering over the icons will reveal their functions.)
  • Upon publishing the lesson, you will be taken to the lesson. You will also receive an email from with the subject “[CALI] About Your Self Published Lesson.”
  • Once you have published your lesson, a new option to Run my published lesson on that looks like a play button will appear in your CALI Author Lesson Library for that lesson.
  • Next, follow the instructions to assign the lesson using LessonLink.

Tip: If you publish your lesson and then make additional edits, you will need to re-publish for the changes to take effect on the published version. From your Lesson Library, choose the arrow icon to Update my published lesson on


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